Monday, February 28, 2011


Why, days before you get interested in a specific CAR BRAND to buy, you rarely see one in the streets, BUT, from the day you make a decision on the car, you suddenly start seeing more and more of this specific type, passing just around you?
Is it that you just selected the car with the best selling trend in the market?
Has everybody read your mind and chosen the same car?
Did you make a bad decision and bought yourself the most common car, when days  before you thought it was unique?

The answer is in your brain and it is called SELECTIVE ATTENTION.
When you have an idea in your mind, your brain focuses on it, just like a radio station, capturing all the ideas, words, images and sounds related to the topic.
Think of a specific topic, let’s say “Rich People”. If you become really interested, you will start listening to money conversations, Forbes lists, eccentricities, stocks, real estate, etc.
Some call it “The Secret”, other call it “obsession”, but what it really is, is SELECTIVE ATTENTION.

As your brain is an amazing machine, when you make it focus, you will make it pass by other stimuli that the brain considers not useful for the main idea.

Go ahead and make a test! You can find interesting examples at the following links:
So imagine being able to generate among your consumers such a need for your product, that the brain will immediately switch in the SELECTIVE MODE, looking for it and not even getting distorted or disoriented by other messages from competitors?
Great tool! Isn’t it?
If you have a similar case, POST IT! Never know where great ideas might come from!

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